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At The Performance Academy, we provide comprehensive, cutting-edge training athletes of all ability levels. In a safe, inspiring, and relentlessly positive environment, we will provide the techniques, tools, and motivation to maximize athletic performance. We are committed to developing the physical and mental attributes that will lead to success, with a specific focus on instilling core values of hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.

Sports Performance

Our sports performance program strengthens athletes in areas such as mobility, foot speed, lateral quickness, linear speed and core strength. Our goal is to increase reaction time, power, strength and movement patterns on the field while reducing the risk of injury through proper warmups and cooldowns.

The Performance Academy offers both off-season and in-season training programs to the players of NCFC to focus on functional training to help each athlete reach his or her potential. Our model is a comprehensive approach which focuses on core areas of speed, explosiveness, agility, acceleration, flexibility, and strength. Athletes will improve their athleticism and reduce the risk of injury thus maximizing athletic performance.

Program Details

Program Details

Classes will be grouped by male and female ages 12-17 years old Session Duration 60 Minutes Frequency Off-Season Training 4 Sessions/Week In-Season Training 2 Sessions/Week


Off-Season Training $215.00/Month In Season Training $120.00/Month

Individual & Semi Private Training

Private and Semi-Private training will allow athletes more individualized attention. The trainer will design a program tailored to the athletes needs and goals.

Cost Private Training 60 Minute Session $70.00 Ten 60 Minute Sessions $607.50
Semi Private Training 60 Minute Session $60.00 Per Athlete Ten 60 Minute Sessions $575.00 Per Athlete

Fascial Stretch Therapy FST is pain free assisted stretching that targets not just your muscles but your joints and fascial tissue. By creating space in your joint capsule, the joint and surrounding muscles can then be manipulated safely in a new range of motion. Cost

30 Minute Stretch $60.00

60 Minute Stretch $90.00