TPA 17U Jayson Arendt

Injuries are an unfortunate accessory to sports. If you play long enough, spending time on the disabled list is almost inevitable. Some feel sorry for themselves while others find ways to have an impact any way possible. Jayson Arendt chose the latter after being put on the shelf with tendinitis in his throwing arm. It was tough news for Jayson and our 17u team, as he was having an outstanding summer on the mound to that point. But Jayson went to work and fine-tuned his swing. He led our 2019 team’s offense at the PG 16u WWBA in Georgia and was recognized with an “All Tournament Team” selection. Jayson stayed hot at the plate as he kicked off the fall season this past weekend with a home run. We caught up with Jayson to ask him how he turned adversity into an advantage.

Q.1. How did you stay motivated with an injury?
A.1. “I stayed focused on the future. There was no way for me to get anywhere if I let it take me out completely. If I couldn’t play half of the game I was going to make sure I was better than everyone else in the other half.”

Q.2. How did speed/strength help on the field?
A.2. “The speed and strength class allowed me to excel as a player with extra power and speed. The two combined
bring more success in the sport and I am always searching for new ways to become more successful.”